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Auto Dealerships


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of putting a customer in a new or used car! Yet every day, auto dealerships around the country have to turn customers away due to poor credit.
That’s where we come in! Our Credit Management Coaches work with your clients to improve their credit, removing errors and educating them about credit.
When one of your referrals signs up and pays their engagement fee to us, you receive a 1-time payment of up to $100. You also receive regular monthly payments of $20 for each and every successful payment your referral sends us, for up to 1 year (12 payments!).
Credit Achievers is committed to helping people learn about credit and empower themselves to make great financial decisions. We can also help your business

Here are just a few case studies (real expertise, client privacy protected).​

I have had an excellent experience with Cristina at Credit Achievers. Cristina was very responsive to our needs, and very reasonably priced. She was able to find and correct important documents related to my business’s credit score which resulted in significant improvements in our rating. I would certainly recommend Credit Achievers, and I wish we had found this service earlier.

Georgia Wilder

English Testing Canada (ETC) Ltd.
Credit Achievers has carefully guided us down the road to building credit for our corporation. Expert advice and responsive service have helped make this a great value. I would recommend Cristina & credit builders to any business – regardless of where they are on their credit journey

Jed Bouscal,