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Business is booming and you want your clients to get their dream homes. Qualifying for a mortgage, particularly for first-time homeowners, can be quite a challenge.
We want to help your clients raise their credit scores! If they don’t qualify for home financing, just refer them to us and we’ll take steps to improve their credit score.
Sometimes, it’s as simple as cleaning up a few items on a credit report. As you know, the difference between acceptance and rejection on a mortgage can be just a few credit points.
When one of your referrals signs up and pays their engagement fee to us, you receive a 1-time payment of up to $100. You also receive regular monthly payments of $20 for each and every successful payment your referral sends us, for up to 1 year (12 payments!).
Check out your client list and see if you’ve got any clients who are very close to qualifying for a mortgage. Then set up a time to speak with one of our experienced Credit Management Coaches.
If you’re running your own business, by the way, we can help you

Here are just a few case studies (real expertise, client privacy protected).​

Dave works in the nation’s remote area. His work isn’t stable. He needed a new vehicle to get to / from work. We helped him secure an improved interest rate and get it reported on his credit bureau, thus improving his score and stabilizing his file.


Shanice is a famous singer, and Jake is a successful IT consultant; they have no kids. Their work is financially rewarding, but highly cyclical. We helped them renegotiate credit card debt, removing punitive interest rates.

Shanice and Jake

Jorge is a multiple unit rental landlord in a major city. Renters generate seasonal income so Jorge is often over-extended in his commitments. We repackaged his portfolio to better manage his debts and free up cash for reinvestment in his business.