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Are you not sure if credit advice is right for you? Don’t worry – you’re not alone.
Embarking on credit advice and education does require commitment – we do the heavy lifting and help explain why situations exist or how to remedy problems. But, you need to be an active party too.
There’s the cost of on-boarding (where we check documentation, set expectations and goals with you) and ongoing monthly costs where we actually work on your file. We’ll need to have an ongoing dialogue with you to help move matters forward, but also as our client, you will need to know that issues don’t get resolved quickly in the credit world.
Why not try our tester for just $199 for your Canadian or US based business? You get
  • FREE comprehensive credit report
  • 15 minute Zoom call / screen share where we explain your report and answer questions you may have
  • NO long term commitment
  • Reduced on-boarding fee (if you want to enter into a long term contract with us)
Curious to know more?  Just complete this form and we can get started. 
Or, do you just want to check your personal credit history and get a free 15 minute Zoom consultation?  Please follow the link to our personal consultation form.
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