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Accounts Receivable Problems

“It’s not us, it’s them.”
Sound familiar? All too often a business may be doing everything right. Great credit file, legal, financial and moral obligations up-to-date, sound financial planning.
But, cash flow is constantly an issue.
Debtors, is the short answers. People and organisations who owe you money.
We all like to be understanding about other parties’ individual circumstances and repayment difficulties, or outright ignorance of request for payment of your invoices.
There does come a time though where it starts to affect your operation – that’s not right, or fair.
But where do you start? Demand full payment immediately? Jump to Small Claims Court? Give them an extra 60 days on the promise they’ll pay …. If indeed they’re still around in 60 days?

CreditAchievers.Today can help!

We have numerous years of experience of managing businesses and debtor relations. We know when to be tough, but fair and broker repayment arrangements that strike a balance between what your business needs NOW and what a debtor can pay NOW.
We can also help advise on credit checking future clients so that you’re in a stronger position to offer reasonable credit terms.
Why not work with us from just $199 to learn the details of what’s on your business credit file, and have a 15 minute consultancy with us to identify top tips to address problems?