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Cash Flow Problems

The pandemic has not been easy on anyone, particularly those deep in supply chain issues, most notably in both bricks-and-mortar and e-commerce based retail. The former has seen reduced footfall in their businesses (if they were allowed to stay open at all) and the latter has been called upon to scale up rapidly perhaps without cash flow or experience to do so. Let’s not forget all of the supply issues where payment is demanded up front, with promise of delivery some time in the future.
Shortages have required businesses to suddenly retool, or reinvent their products and services. This means they have had new expenses to incur and limited ability to obtain revenue from existing product and service lines.
Of course, many commitments were based on a pre-pandemic world – loans for fleet vehicles, credit cards, mortgages, client project commitments and more.
It’s not pleasant having such conversations – figuring out what’s due when, balancing a range of legal, financial and moral obligations, not quite sure what questions to ask… all while trying to run your business and keep the operation afloat.

CreditAchievers.Today can help!

We have the skillset and industry expertise to assess your current situation and match proposed offers to creditors to make a renegotiated payment plan work for YOU. Don’t forget, creditors will be seeking repayment on terms that work for THEM and won’t be quick to share trade secrets about where they can or cannot be flexible.
Why not work with us from just $199 to learn the details of what’s on your business credit file, and have a 15 minute consultancy with us to identify top tips to address problems?