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Helping Friends and Family

“It will get better, I just know it will”.
How many times has a relative, friend, neighbour, colleague mentioned this to you when you ask “so how’s business?”
We all have those “forest for the trees” moments when we can’t quite see the bigger picture. There are reasons we don’t want to admit business problems – pride, optimism, lack of knowledge or visibility on a problem, shame. Everyone has his or her own reasons.
If you know someone who seems to be under a different type of business pressure, it could be because they are having problems chasing clients for funds, or indeed paying some of their existing obligations.
Please urge them to talk to us.

CreditAchievers.Today can help!

We have the skillset and industry expertise to assess their current situation and match proposed offers to creditors to make a renegotiated payment plan work for people in a wide range of circumstances. Don’t forget, a lot of the pressure some people may be facing is because creditors will be seeking repayment on terms that work for THEM and won’t be quick to share trade secrets about where they can or cannot be flexible.
Why not work with us from just $199 to learn the details of what’s on your business credit file, and have a 15 minute consultancy with us to identify top tips to address problems?