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High Risk Scorers

Ok, let’s face it. Many successful individuals are not cut out to be business owners.
There is a lot of talent to be excellent creative people, or know how to please a 100 patrons at a time in our restaurant, or one of the world’s leading IT consultants, or some other amazing skill. It’s just that balancing the books isn’t amongst that individual’s core skillset.
When times are good, we’re flush with money and it’s easy to pay our debts… when we remember to do so.
However, when times turn against us, it’s incredibly difficult to have difficult conversations with creditors. Bills are ignored, often tucked away in a pile on our desks and we find plenty of other ways to be “too busy” to solve the hard problems.
The result unfortunately will be persistent arrears that get reported to credit files. A clean record goes one month into arrears, two months, three months and so on.
Then the debt collector calls come and judgements are levied against a business. This is the kiss of death for business credit lines as a business is no longer deemed trustworthy enough to maintain credit – or at least not credit at preferential rates.

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