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Thin Credit File?

A “thin” credit file typically describes a credit file for a person or a business, which is generally in good standing but does not have a lot of information or history displayed.
For example, many businesses operate successfully out of revenues and cash reserves only. They pay promptly and don’t over-extend their commitments. This lulls owners to a comfort zone which makes them feel confident that business goodwill can carry over to a formal credit line offer when they need to make a purchase that exceeds cash flow constraints.
Unfortunately lenders don’t agree. They will look only at what is on the credit file and if there is not much to go on, they will decline applications for credit on the basis they don’t wish to take on new risk without another lender having proven the client is able to meet payment commitments.
In many cases a business is simply not aware of what has been reported on its credit profile.

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